God will ELEVATE you!

God will ELEVATE you!

Dear CPCS Friends and Family,

ELEVATE. I pray this word will bring new meaning and focus to your life over these next two years. Crown Point Christian School will be using this as the name of our building campaign. Our prayer is “God will ELEVATE you (our children) to be a people for Him”~ Deut. 29:13
We are excited to begin this journey. Over the next two years we will promote this campaign to maximize prayer and involvement to the entire CPCS community. We want to keep you informed on the progress of ELEVATE. You can now visit us here at ElevateCPCS.org to find great resources for building progress, funding updates, events, and stories.

What is ELEVATE? Over the past several months, letters and emails have gone out explaining the building project (see insert). Our leadership has been encouraged by the great support. This month the work has begun to add on much needed space at CPCS. Praise God! These past few years, there has been a great need for more classrooms, Student Services, Fine Arts, counseling, offices, and an additional multi-purpose room. Teachers have creatively pushed carts, met in make-shift storage areas, and done their best to serve our growing student body. We are excited to provide more space to develop and celebrate the gifts God has given our students.

What CPCS does best is provide something to fit every child’s passion. Especially now with STEAM, many kids are truly finding their niche. Every kid finds their place here at CPCS. – CPCS teacher.

GROUNDBREAKING/PRAYER GATHERING. Please join us on Tuesday, July 13, 6:30-7:30 pm, as parents, children, grandparents and our entire greater community gather to PRAY and GIVE THANKS. Let’s ask God to continue to ELEVATE our children for His Purpose.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please prayerfully consider what you will be able to dedicate to this campaign. We have a God-sized goal of $5.6 million. Every gift to the ELEVATE campaign will truly reflect the passion of each of us to make Crown Point Christian School the best it can be. CPCS has seen so many people in the past sacrifice their gifts and time to make our school a remarkable place. I pray we can now do the same for our current students and the next generation of students that will come to CPCS. It is important to keep our light shining brightly for God’s Glory. Prior to this letter many leaders and advanced donors have made their personal commitment. Now is the opportunity for everyone to join in.

Thank you for caring so deeply for CPCS. Our own personal level of conviction in this work is what makes the difference. One peek into a classroom at CPCS and you immediately understand

the need. May God truly be ELEVATED as we ELEVATE our children for His Purpose.
In Christian Partnership,

Patti Jabaay, CPCS Development Director